Graphic Design for Your Products

Graphic Design for Your Products

           **All Custom Branding Has Minimum Order Quantities**


*Our Graphic Design Artist Will Work With You to Create Your Own Professional Brand From Start to Finish Whatever Your Need May Be

* Logo Design       * Product Stickering     * Instructional Card Design

      * Custom Package Creation           * Business Card Creation

*Custom Syringe or Pen Printing


Once Designed, Our Factory Can Produce Any and All of Your Product Needs: 


Once your items are created, the next step is product photography. Our professional photographer produces images that tell your brand's story. Each image is edited to perfection making it ready for any and all selling platforms (Google, Amazon, etc). All images are high resolution and photographed on a pure white background with product shadowing or reflection if desired.



Because each project is unique, a custom quote will be provided for you after you submit your needs to us. Below is an example of our prices.

Logo Design - Starting at $75

Our trained graphic artist will use their talents and imaginations to create your very own perfect logo design.  Our starting price is $75 and additional fees are applied for number of colors, complexity of logo and hours it takes to complete. A quote will be provided before creation begins. Expect a 10 day creation time frame.


Product Sticker Design  - creation fee of $75


Minimum order 1,000

This design is created and printed on stickers which are then applied directly to your products. Most businesses use their logo for product stickering. If you already have your own logo or design no creation fee will be applied.  You will only need add sticker cost to your product purchase.

Volume Discounted Order Quantity

1,000-4999 = $ .25 each

5,000-9,999 = $ .15 each

10,000-49,999 = $ .10 each

50,000 - 100,000 = $ .08 each


Custom Syringe or Pen Printing - creation fee of $75


Minimum Order 1,000

You are able to add style to your syringes or pens with a silk print that is applied to the outer shell of the product. You can add your logo, logo with text, or just text.


Order Quantity

 1,000-4999 = $ .25 each

 5,000-9,999 = $ .15 each

 10,000-49,999 = $ .10 each

 50,000 - 100,000 = $ .08 each


Custom Product Instructional Card Design - Creation fee $125 per product

Our graphic designer can customize instructional cards for each one of your products. There is a creation fee of $125 per product or you can do a brochure layout with multiple products for a creation fee of $200.


Business Card Creation - Creation Fee $100


Custom Box Packaging - Creation fee $225

This is the opportunity to make your product shine by adding your own brand custom box. The box will be designed to fit your products dimensions, express your tagline or slogan and give you matchless results that leave your competition behind. Our graphic artist will work with you one on one to make sure that you are completely satisfied before production. Please allow up to 2 week creation time frame.


Custom Bag Packaging - Creation fee $175

Give your business a little marketing twist by adding custom bag packaging. This gives you your own identity and makes your product complete. Our graphic artist will work with you one on one to make sure that you are completely satisfied before production. Please allow up to a 2 week creation time frame.