Book Box Teeth Whitening Kit ( 100 Units)

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Custom Book Box Teeth Whitening Kit is a professional way to represent your business


The top and bottom of the kit are customizable by adding your logo, directions, UPC, etc.
Blister trays line the inside and you may choose from the following options
3 pen or 3 syringes in the Upper Tray
Single LED with Thermoforming Tray
Round 5 LED with Attachable Tray
7 LED with Attachable Tray
16 LED

Custom Instructional Brochure, Teeth Cleaning Wipes, Shade Guide are nice additions for your kit

Choose your strength, formula and flavor of whitening gel

Dropship option for your customers is available CONTACT US for more details

Contact us by phone or email to discuss exact pricing.  Pricing will vary by kit options